Cambridge Audio Azur 640H Music Server

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cambridge640hskew The Azur 640H carries most of its weight in its ability not only to play CDs but also rip them to the internal 160GB hard drive and record new ones. Add to that Cambridge Audio’s reputation for unadorned clear audio and innovation and you have a truly cool streamer. The 640H can stream wirelessly from internet stations, local network resources or from other 640H devices. Interconnected servers simply share their file lists in what is effectively a distributed system. It supports MP3 and WMA but can not rip to Flac.

cambridge740h Big brother Azur 740H adds a bigger disk, Flac support and the ability to play different playlists in up to 3 different rooms, when connected to Cambridge Audio’s Incognito multi-zone system. Rumour has it that this new addition to digital sound heaven should arrive sometime mid-2008. Well, that is now. Let us have it already!

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