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Linn Selekt Ready To Launch

Linn recently gave birth to a new network streamer, the Selekt DSM. In these days they are launching the streamer across the world, showing all four versions to the public. Common to the Selekt DSM is the streaming. Two with or without the Katalyst precision DAC and either with or without integrated 100W Class-D amplifier. Now is your chance to hear all four perched against each other. A treat to be reckoned with…

Sonos Amp Is A Grown Up Sonos

Sonos released the Sonos Amp not long ago in what seems a simple replacement of the Connect Amp. There is, however, more to this than just a beefed up amplifier and streaming an input signal (and hopefully a better sound quality). In addition to those 125 watts of power, Sonos Amp will work with other Amp on your network and turn into an amalgamated surround system and/or in-ceiling sound system; and with that a small hardware twist. With the existing Connect Amp you could make a rack stack and feed your house through speaker cables, albeit at the risk of overheating. This new Amp has a much improved heatsink construction with one specific objective: to make life simple for builders of hidden sound systems. Despite a lot of unfortunate shenanigans, Sonos have proved to be, in fact, rather professional at heart.

Sonos Pruning Customers Once More

Sonos has announced that they are drawing another line in the sand for supported operating systems. This means that devices that cannot – or may not – be updated to their new minimum list will be unable to control Sonos. The devices affected are these:

Mobile Phones and Tablets

  • Android below 4.3
  • iOS below 9
  • Amazon Fire OS below 4.1.1

Desktop Computers

  • iOS below 10.10
  • Windows below 7

Sonos have compiled a list of popular devices that did not originally ship with OS versions meeting this list but very elegantly avoid mentioning which of those devices cannot be updated to meet the new demands. While the iOS update doesn’t leave that many devices hanging, except perhaps a notable iPhone 4, the Android demands may prove to be a lot more troublesome.

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