Around the boxes

I think I should mention the idea behind the blue bars and the orange boxes. Let’s take the last ones first. They have no meaning. There; I said it. They are there simply to give a quick overview of a small selection of key features.

The blue ones are slightly more meaningful but that does not mean that you should go out and buy the ones that have a blue box on the right and ignore the ones with a box on the left. They do not signify quality! In my vocabulary quality is a measure of the extent to which one’s expectations are met – and that is exactly what they are – expectations.

Let us take an example. If you go to the store and grab a Linn Klimax and put it in your kitchen to have music while you cook, you are pretty likely to be disappointed and have very little table space to chop onions. If, however, you get yourself a Freecom MusicPal, you will propably find it somewhat easier to fit with your knife rack. The first one is a far right and the latter a far left.

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