You scream, ice cream, uPnP media stream

Most of these streamers have uPnP support and it occurred to me today how important that really is. One of my two streamers does not support uPnP but it does support scanning a network location itself. That should suffice, one would think. But the problem is that our music server stores more than a thousand albums and scanning it every time there has been an addition takes a very long time [I am being very diplomatic here]. Our uPnP server on the other hand does this in the background and keeps the list of music up to date. Clients get immediate response upon a request.

The general setup is this: We have a workshop where we spend much time. We bring CDs from the living room and play them there using a PC based media center. The PC automatically rips CDs to the network when it plays them the first time. From there on we can stream the songs from either the workshop where we ripped them or from anywhere else in the house where we have a media streamer or a computer. The setup we are looking for is one where we can rip CDs at either location and preferably control playback from a computer as well as from the media streamer. A few of the devices mentioned in this blog actually supports this. Mmhhh…

My apologies for the tacky title.

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