Sonos Amp Is A Grown Up Sonos

Sonos released the Sonos Amp not long ago in what seems a simple replacement of the Connect Amp. There is, however, more to this than just a beefed up amplifier and streaming an input signal (and hopefully a better sound quality). In addition to those 125 watts of power, Sonos Amp will work with other Amp on your network and turn into an amalgamated surround system and/or in-ceiling sound system; and with that a small hardware twist. With the existing Connect Amp you could make a rack stack and feed your house through speaker cables, albeit at the risk of overheating. This new Amp has a much improved heatsink construction with one specific objective: to make life simple for builders of hidden sound systems. Despite a lot of unfortunate shenanigans, Sonos have proved to be, in fact, rather professional at heart.

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